Holiday Snackage!

The holidays are right around the corner. This weekend my Nanny and I will bake all of the Christmas cookies. I can't wait; my Keepers help too. Kimba is Nanny's main assistant and Handsome Harry makes the butter cookies. He even makes chocolate ones for me. I am the official icer!  Last year I made my Nanny a cookbook for Christmas with all of her cookie recipes called, Grandma's Holiday Cookies. While I love to make them all, my favorite is the Lemon Drop with the sugary icing and the little Strufella balls. Keeper makes some extra tiny for me and my cowpals. Here is a picture of my cookie tree from last year. This is a moovelous photo mooment; I hope we use the cookbook when we bake this year. This is the only book that I have ever written that doesn't have pictures of me all over it!!! http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/479622

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