My Cow Moo is at Toys R Us Times Square!!!

Please check out my product at Toys R Us Times Square. I'm  a New York bovine who busted her hooves to make it to the Big City! I sold two items to the buyers and now need to pray with all my might that people like my work and it all sells!

The Liberty Cow is a New York Moolette. A moolette is a toy version of me. Grab a Liberty Cow and take her all of your adventures.

My book, Moo York Adventures: A Bovine's Book to New York City, is filled with:
* fun facts,
* funny pictures,
* lots of stickers,
* coloring pages
* plenty of space for you to add pictures of your Moo York Adventure. ...
* and a pull out Moo York Cowpanion Passport!

Visit my website when you get home and download the treatola that I posted just for you as a sign of thanks! The banners are right on the home page. There's an extra story book for you AND a downloadable Moo York Cowpanion Passport so you can cowtinue your Moo York Adventure!!!

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