Toy Fair Treats

What a long day! We walked Toy Fair at Javits from early in the am until the show closed. Even though I was carried in a lovely cowlectible Hello Kitty tote bag, my hooves ached as if I had walked for miles. I tried to take good notes; there were a lot of moovelous products that I would like to add to our webstore. I won't lie -- I wanted to play with lots of stuff but my Keeper said, "come on Moo ..." 

I'm excited to say that i got treatola!!! I made a new cowpal Brian who gave me a Woot Monkey that flies and screams. I love him. I also was gifted a pretty brown knitted cow that will look heavenly sleeping in my bed! But my favorite giftie was from my cowpal Karen -- she gifted me SNACKAGE!!!! It was a huge Moo chocolate bar! I won't lie -- I can't wait to take a bite!

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